What a year it has been, so far.

by gregokane


This past year has been fun, Its nice that our distributor, Gracie Productions, has come out swinging for the fences in getting the songs heard. I believe we are in rotation at 40 radio stations in Europe, Australia & China, a lot of them internet radio stations, but then after looking it up, I find that hundreds of millions tune in to internet radio. Wow!!! This one provider services 6000 office buildings with piped music. Another services 3000.  Since its release 6 weeks ago, 2000 copies of ‘Without You’  have been downloaded. With the peak of our sales promo expected the beginning of August and to run for a fortnight or so, I think my goal of 5000 songs being sold will be surpassed. So, considering that we started with no songs recorded and no contract on Jan 2015, the progress has been refreshing.

For the past month, Tony and I have been rehearsing once a week with a drummer named Vera Herten, from Deutschland. As a group, we’re starting to get tight and Tony’s starting to produce some groovin’ base lines just as we begin 2-a-weeks(rehearsals).  Something that has been up in the air for a while though, has been whether or not I would assume lead singing duties. We’ve never had a lead singer but have always slated for one for when the time came. Two years later I’m still singing, and I’m on the tracks now, so that’s sort of a point of no return right there. However, we will be adding a female guitarist who can share lead vocals with me along with backing vocals. I’m finding it a rare breed, but eventually as we get more known and better musically, she’ll make herself known to us. The rule is…everyone sings in the band. Singing is at the root of music and is gods instrument  All great bands have great vocals.

 As you know, I lived in Ireland for over 30 years, and have close ties there. A couple of those ties are associated with a cover band I formed while living in Ireland. Tommy Leonard (drums), Trevor Cullen (comic relief and you name the instrument) and Pat ‘Ditch’ Cassidy(the conduit by which Thin Lizzy got discovered. Google it) are my soul brothers.
The 4 of us in London 2003
Aaaanndd….. along with my brother from another Tony Wilson, collectively we make up the live band to end all live bands. Thankfully,  Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Who, AC/DC etc…. will be allowed to retire, at their pleasure of course, without the burden of having to stay put because there is no one else to continue a genre of music that is becoming a relic. The level of testosterone from a group of guys. whose collective age is in excess of 250 years (appox. 265) is what will set us apart. In the movie ‘Colors’, Robert Duvall is providing an antidote to Sean Penn about an old bull and a young bull surveying a valley of cows beneath them. If you recall the antidote, we consider ourselves the old bull.