Vera Herten, providing a hurtin’ on the skins.

by gregokane

Drummers are what I do. My mantra is, If you haven’t a good drummer, you haven’t band.  Drummers, whom I’ve played with, and that make the grade in my estimation include Thomas ‘Lenny’ Leonard, Jay Ogilsby, Donnie’O Wilson and Anthony “AJ” Pero. These are the top drummers in my life, and now I have another one. Vera Herten.

As you know, My band, Manifest Calling is geographically challenged at the moment. Trev, Lenny and Ditch are still banging away in Ireland holding down a residency with a fella I hope you all hear one day, Brian Grace.  After I left, he easily filled my shoes. For Tony and I,  after spending last year getting reacquainted to our instruments and dusting off the vocal cob webs with Tony’s brother Don Wilson on drums,  Tony and I hit the ground running in 2015 with very little resistance.

After recording ‘Going Now’ and ‘Without You’ and receiving interest from a couple of labels but signing with Gracie Productions for their global distribution, Tony and I have gone back into rehearsals with the assistance of Vera Herten, who we met via Craig’s List. I was as skeptical as I was intrigued.  Number 1, we met on Craig’s List, #2, She a woman with a German Accent, and #3, She said she had just moved from Nashville.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on Germans, and my experience tells me that generally, within 2 to 3 minutes of meeting one, you’ll know what you’re getting. Germans tend to be very dependable and don’t suffer fools well. Vera fits the German mold. She also knows how to play the drums, which, if you ask me, is with power and technique. She doesn’t just come to rehearsal, she runs it, with loads of ideas. To put it succinctly, The woman is Money. For as long as she is with us, I am going to enjoy playing with her. The Woman is a pro, probably a Savant in Deutschland.

I wish I could say more about her, but I don’t know her long. Hope she hangs around awhile.

The other woman in our life, Amara, gave birth on Monday to her 2nd son, Aren Robert. Mother and baby are doing well. Congratulations.