To the lads; Here’s to the next chapter, Manifest Calling, Divine Destiny.

by gregokane

It’s funny how life makes sure you revisit everything in order to draw a line under or provide recompense to the past. To possibly be teamed up with Thomas ‘Lenny’ Leonard’, Trevor Cullen, Pat ‘Ditch’ Cassidy again while adding my brother from another Tony Wilson to the mix, Manifest Calling is the band I’ve always envisioned playing in. I enjoyed immensely my days previous in Dublin, Ireland with the Rock Tribunal and was resolute that one day we would join up again. I think we are the only band that broke up due to recession.

Tony & I always agreed from the get go, that this is business. Provide a product, and lets see where we get with it, This first effort was a good one, if for no other reason than, we got a few people to go along with us. Releasing “Going Now” and “Without You” with Gracie Productions was a good first move. At present, all the major digital download and streaming services offer both songs.

So, if by July (1st sale report), we don’t have a clear indication that a concert tour is going to happen, we’ll turn to finishing the recordings. Possibly enough for an Album. Personally speaking, I feel that “Going Now” was hit out of the park. It’s sounds exactly the way it did when I wrote it 33 years ago. Though I’m not (can’t) singing “Without You, Amara does exceptional work. I find her a little sassy, and it comes out in her singing. I like that, I think most others do as well. Rob Harkness of Barn Productions has been such a godsend for us and has allowed us to put our best foot forward. The man really knows sound and for us he wouldn’t substitute natural for synthesized. It’s been inspiring to watch a pro do what he does best.

I have a duet written for Ditch and Amara.  As well, I have another song for Amara to sing Titled; “Sorry My Love”. Also, Tony & I have been working on a couple of his tunes,(without assigned singer) Of course we already recorded “You Don’t Know”, which has gotten good reviews, so with “Alley Cat”, “Nights of the Realm”, plus another of mine “Push It”.. That’s Eight of some of our best

Regardless of what happens this year, we still have 13 weeks of the our radio promo going on Europe wide to learn from. There has been some favorable opinions from various program directors there, which I feel will stand to our good when we produce the 2nd allotment of songs. Tony Bucher of Gracie productions has been good with always being just an email away. I have no complaints with him, and feel he may become a more integral part of the equation as we move forward.

To all of my present and future band mates, I love you. The thought of playing music with you again excites me to no end, for I know it’s potential.