Fears & Musings

by gregokane


Look at the Israelis. They’re surrounded by hate, yet they know how to control a border. There is a clear reason why ISIS headed east and not south. The Israelis don’t fuck around. Look around you, who do you trust, How many do you think have respect for American ways and customs? Our immigration system, starting from when before oilmen took over the White House, has been exploited by those who will do us harm. I can guarantee you that there are thousands living in this country who have been sitting and waiting. Arm yourself (legally), It’s not the government coming to wipe you out. Our freedom has made us vulnerable, so I see nothing wrong with hurting some feelings in order to keep my way of life secure. This is a great country, and being smart on immigration won’t diminish that.

There is a mass of people who think nothing of cutting your head off, just because you’re American. This is some serious shit!

Americans shooting each other at an alarming rate compared to say, England

It’s culture & geography that are the difference makers. Scotland Yard is the premiere police agency in the UK and are pretty much the National Police Force there. England (not the UK) is the size of 4 So. Cal counties with the entire population of California living in it. People live in close quarters to each other there and Community Policing is key too. The rural part of this country has been living in Isolation but for the last 75 years. Guns are a way of life, as is the principle of supporting yourself. That ethos has been exploited by psycho’s(5-6 million people) who are creating all the havoc, but this country was built on the gun. People living in England and the rest of Europe for that matter are fairly docile. The nanny state has made them secure. Here, for decades our government’s policies have treated it’s citizen with indifference, creating haves and have not’s. So it’s no wonder that while we are left to fend for ourselves that some people get shot.