Ferguson, Mo.

by gregokane

Nothing can take away or alleviate the pain of a community that has suffered injustice at the hands of people who are responsible for administering justice. There is no question that bigotry is alive and well in that community, this country and the world. But If you really want to tackle the issue of bigotry, then you have to start with eliminating borders. For as long as people want to Identify themselves as being distinct, a 2nd class mentality where one person, community or country differentiates themselves from another will prevail by talk and actions that denigrate those that are not like them. So, should we abolish the World Cup or the Eurovision Song Contest? What a tragedy it would be if we did, but people would have  fewer opportunities to display their superiority over others.

As I watch the unfolding events in Ferguson, Mo. what I see is a community that has suffered from the uneven application of the law administered by a white police force against a black community. The black communities in Ferguson and around this country are paying the wages of officials who uphold laws disproportionately against them. It’s done because of stereo types that non-blacks are afraid of and/or because they just plain mean. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Asians, Gays, Latinos & Whites have and do suffer equally from the same bigotry. However, you wouldn’t know that by what is being portrayed on T.V.

If you look at the facts, 82% of the United States is not African American, yet every part of American pop culture is dominated by African Americans. All the top movers and earners in Music, Sports, Business, Law and Politics in America are Black, so how is it that racism against blacks is such an issue?

Clearly the institutions that move the U.S. are not rife with bigotry. But that’s not going to stop a few ( I’m talking to you Al Sharpton) from claiming they are, when in fact there are slightly more than a few bad apples giving everyone else a bad name. Unfortunately the reality is that you can not legislate against stupidity.

Clearly, Mike Brown’s testosterone was at an elevated level when he decided to forcibly retain the goods he took from a store without paying for them. I’m only wondering what was going on in his mind when he was stopped by a police officer for walking down the middle of a street moments later when he should’ve been walking on the sidewalk (foot path). I mean, Felony = Jail, Jail is a place no one really want to go to. I do wonder what was going through his mind. I wonder what was going through that officers mind when, if what he said is true, his gun was being wrestled away from him while getting punched in the face. I want to also know why no one in an African-American community that has such a voracious appetite for success and over-achievement in this country, is asking the hard question about one of its own, or at least acknowledging facts.

None of Mike Brown’s behavior displayed by the evidence justifies the tragic outcome. At best, the police officer over reacted to a perceived threat and has proven himself to be completely incapable of carrying out the duties he signed up to undertake, and at worst is a criminal who needs to go away for good (there is no evidence of racism on his part so far). But this is what I know, If Mike Brown were a white man most people inside and outside the black community would say, if anything, that he deserved his fate because of any number of reasons in evidence. There would be no calls for investigations into the shooting, the shop surveillance tape would be used as evidence that he was a miscreant who died by the sword he apparently lived by, and the whole country barring a few liberally minded individuals, would be in wholehearted agreement.

You have two sides here: an aggrieved community and a flawed system that abuses them. Addressing that is how  a useful news media can bring about change. However, there is a payday here and the media understands very well how to earn it off of tragedies like this. Demanding via the Freedom of Information act for all the info they are entitled to under that law to be made available to them, disseminating that info, then fueling & fanning the embers of discontent by questioning show after show the motives and timing for releasing that info, while airing commercials that implore us to get along, is grotesque. The disgruntled black activists who struggle for relevancy under the glare of African American supremacy in American pop culture in order to maintain their payday are equally as grotesque.