“My country tis of thee.”

by gregokane


Star & Stripe inverted


“My country tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.’

Coming from a man who has no personal experience of losing loved ones who fought valiantly and paid the ultimate sacrifice so that I and many others may have liberty, I feel that the price paid may have been too steep if you consider what the status quo is now.

Yes I am free, and I acknowledge that men died defending that freedom, but did they really have to after WWll? Or have we been snowed into believing that our freedom is under constant assault by foreign enemies who’s intent is to fill the vacuum left by our demise. Or by begrudger’s who blame us for their shortcomings, or by zealots who’s perverted and stunted vision of the world hasn’t changed in thousands of years.

While I acknowledge they exist and may pose a threat of varying degrees, I do not feel threatened by any of those above. I feel threatened by the people who are supposed to represent me and  by those who hurl one viscous verbal assault after another towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them in totality.  I feel threatened by legal  immigrants who are under no obligation to respect the country I grew up in, who are provided a stipend via my tax dollars so that they can assimilate into my country easily, without having to actually do that. I feel totally threatened by illegal immigrants who have chosen to live like cockroaches in my country to escape the perils of theirs, who force wages to go down because $8.00 an hour is a days pay where they come from, who use our infrastructure without paying for it while carrying on like it’s their entitlement.

I feel threatened by Gerrymandering, where representing land is equal to representing people. I feel threatened by successful people who threaten others who are less fortunate if their payday isn’t preserved by objecting to bail outs and corporate tax breaks. I feel threatened by an ignorant population who vote against their own interests because they’ve been brainwashed into believing education is a socialist entitlement. I feel threatened by politicians who believe having 40 million of their own countrymen go without health security is OK.

And I feel very threatened by a polarized country, where everyone has been frightened into protecting themselves first. Who are so concerned about their own well being that they have taken their eyes off the driver of our bus. I feel threatened by those who are all to ready to fight their for their corner at the expense of the common good for a country in rapid decline.

Being free means you are free to fail as well as succeed. But when the people who represent you stack the deck against you by pushing laws that weaken your stake in this country, freedom has failed, and many died in vein.