Give them what they want!!

by gregokane


It seems to me that there was some unfinished business left in Iraq. But before you tee off on me, let me categorically state that the 2nd Iraqi war was an ill-conceived idea. Though Saddam Hussein was the devil to a majority of his own people, and a growing threat to the region, he was the devil we knew.

What is it about a certain segment of the American political apparatus that feels “Freedom”, USA Style is an exportable commodity. That we can act with impunity when we make these decisions. Well, there is some unfinished business alright, and I think that the time has come to finish what was started.

Why? Because we are not dealing with an adversary that have stated goals other than to glorify god by killing non- believers, defenseless or not.. If that is left unchecked they will not go away, it will only emboldened them to spread out and kill more people, gathering more band wagoners and growing as they go along. The last time a group such as ISIS made threats like, “raising the flag of Allah over the White House”, passenger jets were flown into skyscrapers. So, I see no other alternative other than giving them what they want, and going back in. Keep in mind, that if Isis can get past the Kurds, the Caucasus region via Iran to the North East is also a festering region of religious based anti-western hatred waiting for a dance partner. It’s World War lll and it’s on!

This time however,  Russia, Germany, The U.K., France, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria must form an alliance with us. All these countries risk losing plenty if ISIS is left unchecked, and because they stand to lose the most , they should foot the bill.  Americans can deliver the sweat equity, we’re good at that.  The pompous, two faced rulers of the gulf states, who’ve sown the seeds of discontent in their region by stifling opposition in order to preserve a payday they feel is their god given right, need to get their hands dirty or lose it all. If they don’t want to fight, pay.

Our way of life, which among other things, consists of questioning conventional wisdom, striving to attain things out of our reach and choosing what we worship is at risk. Spilling blood to preserve that isn’t debatable. If it is, we’re doomed!